Leadership That Unites

For Our Young Men & Women

AI and automation are no longer just an idea that can be ignored, we believe in school choice but we need curriculums and programs that ensure our young men and women are positioned to win in tomorrow’s America.

  • Business & Entrepreneurship programs, our young men and women deserve an education that opens their eyes to what’s possible, how things work, and how they can build or support the economic engines that will keep putting food on their table and raising their standard of living.
  • School choice, we believe in ensuring that families have the flexibility and autonomy to do what’s best for their families.
  • Trades and certifications need to be integrated into the educational system, we are robbing young men and women of high-paying, future-proof opportunities by not offering pathways that address a shortage of skilled, certified, and qualified labor in our communities.
  • Addressing the needs of young men and women growing up in single-family households, as a community we need to do more to support these parents and grandparents. We need to do more to support these young men and women, I invite all leaders in the community to step up and get involved in the lives of our next generation, from speaking at schools to providing internships and field trips to their organizations.