Leadership That Unites

For Our Veterans

  • A veteran myself I will always stand with other veterans who have served our country honorably and given of themselves, putting themselves in harm’s way. I know all too well that their spouses and family support them in serving our country. Know that I will always represent your best interests and work to ensure you are honored and have your needs and your family’s needs served.
  • To the families of veterans that we have lost, know I stand with you and support you, your burdens are our burdens as your loved ones dedicated themselves to protecting us, we will protect you and fight for your needs.
  • Ensure that property tax exemptions for Disabled Veterans with a disability rating of 100% are total and permanent.
  • Protect income from garnishment and enact legislation similar to Florida and other states that appropriately honor and protect our veterans’ livelihood.
  • I will fight for in-patient services and hospital beds for the veterans residing in our district. Stable housing for our recovering veterans closer to their loved ones is not only necessary but also brings healthcare jobs to our community.
  • Ensuring our veterans get the one-on-one support they need from qualified mental health counselors. While group counseling does have its benefits it is a compliment not a sufficient replacement to the one-on-one support that is needed.