Leadership That Unites

For our safety and rights

  • Protect our 2nd Amendment rights, acknowledging that per capita gun ownership has not gone up in America but gun violence has. We need to stop playing politics with this issue and focus on identifying, verifying, and addressing the real causes.
  • Supporting our law enforcement and emergency service workers, ensuring they have the funding they need for equipment, training, and staffing as well as supporting legislation that helps protect them and our community which they proudly serve.
  • As a veteran who has served multiple tours in countries like Iraq, I can assure you that those with evil intent and a propensity to violence can and do find numerous ways to harm others. Reducing our rights to protect our families here in Georgia not only is not the answer, it is a distraction from getting to work on the root causes.
  • Substance abuse rates are rising and as an inner-city youth growing up I know all to well how quickly what bubbles under the surface can explode into the streets and our communities. We will work across the aisle for legislation and yes, securing our border to reduce the flow of drugs into our communities but we will also work here in Georgia to support the community and reduce substance abuse.
  • We are a nation built of people from all over the world, some came willingly and others against their will; those arriving here uninvited and crossing our borders illegally are a danger to our communities and economic stability. I will always stand for strong borders and fight to protect our nation at home and abroad as I did serving our country in the Armed Forces I will also do so by serving Georgia in Congress.

Ending rampant illegal immigration also honors every legal immigrant’s journey to our country.