Leadership That Unites

For Our Elders

  • We need your guidance and wisdom now more than ever, we humbly and respectfully ask for your support and the opportunity to work for you and ensure this country works for you as you worked for it.
  • We also know that the system is not built to ensure seniors get access to programs and support that is already available and allocated to them.
  • From day one we will work to make it easier to access funds and programs that already exist, we will work within the community to pair seniors with members of the community who know and understand the system.
  • Protect our Seniors from being taken advantage of by ensuring there is proper oversight. Furthermore ensuring that senior living facilities are adequately staffed with qualified and appropriately trained staff.
  • Protect Social Security Retirement benefits for our seniors and work towards ensuring they are appropriately funded and adjusted to meet the needs of our seniors.