• Maintaining a thriving economic engine and attracting new corporations to our district will be prioritized. A business owner myself I know the environment businesses need to thrive and create job opportunities for members of our community.
  • Infrastructure & Transportation are key elements to ensuring businesses and the community can succeed. As a business owner in the real estate industry, I have traveled throughout our district daily, I understand more than most our strengths and weaknesses as well as were investment will provide the greatest returns for our communities.
  • I believe in smaller government, less regulation, and lower taxes to spur economic growth. As a business owner I know all too well that over-regulation only results in less adherence to regulations that truly matter. So as your representative, I will support legislation that focuses on important regulations to protect our communities¬†but
  • I will also ardently fight against over-regulation as it only serves to bloat government agencies, slow economic growth and bury small businesses in red tape putting them at a disadvantage against larger corporations with armies of legal staff and advisors.
  • As your representative I will also keep you informed and provide much needed transparency.